Google Search, Maps and Assistant will now display information about the availability of COVID-19 vaccine in India. Since March, Google has been cooperating with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare showcase the COVID-19 vaccination center. Now, Google Maps and Google Assistant will also be able to help people obtain information, such as availability of vacancies, expected prices, dosage information, etc. This will help people to easily obtain information without logging in to the CoWIN platform and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Google shared that when people search for the vaccine center on Google search, maps or voice assistants, they can now get more detailed information. They will about the availability of COVID-19 vaccine slots in each center, the doses provided by the center, whether the vaccine is paid or free, and the booking link on the CoWIN website. Indian users will be able search in eight languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, and English .

Google stated that it is acquiring real-time data from the CoWIN API and will continue work closely with the CoWIN team to add more vaccination centers to its database across India.

Google Search Director Hema Budaraju said: “As people continue seek information related to the pandemic to manage their lives, we remain committed to finding and sharing authoritative and timely information on our platform.”

Last week, in its virtual “Google for India” campaign, the search giant launched an updated Google Safety Center in eight Indian languages ​​and launched an online safety program called “Be Internet Awesome” for children plan. The updated Google Safety Center is a single destination dedicated educating users about digital safety to help them protect their accounts. Similarly, the “Be Internet Awesome” program launched in English and Hindi aims to help children, families and educators in India the basics of online safety.

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