The company announced at the “Virtual Search” event on October 15 that Google Search has several new AI-based tools to enhance the user experience. It brings many improvements, including better understanding of user spelling input, indexing individual paragraphs in web pages, dividing broader searches into multiple subtopics, and dividing videos into multiple segments. The search giant also a “ search” , which helps users identify stuck on their heads by simply humming or singing a tune for a few seconds. Here are some of the most useful features introduced in Google search.

Understand spelling errors

Google has made new AI-based improvements to the search engine with the goal of better organizing “world information, and making it universally accessible and useful.” It said in a blog post that Google search receives one of 10 misspelled queries every day. Google has been suggesting the correct spelling when searching through the “What do you mean” feature, but now it has introduced a new spelling algorithm that uses a deep neural network to help better decrypt spelling errors.

For example, if you search for “does algae bloom in the order of smell”, Google’s suggestion will now show “does algae bloom in order to smell?” Google said the new algorithm will now help understand the context of misspelled words and give correct results in less than three milliseconds. According to Google, this feature was launched yesterday, October 15.

Index paragraph

Google search will now be able to index specific paragraphs in web pages, instead of just displaying entire web pages based on queries. If a user searches for “how to determine whether my home windows are UV-resistant glass”, Google will now index a specific part of the page that discusses the exact query, rather than triggering a search of the entire page on UV glass . The company said that after the feature will be promoted globally, it will improve 7% of search queries in all languages.

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Divide search into subtopics

In another new feature, Google search will now throw out subtopics based on user queries. For example, if someone searches for “home fitness equipment”, Google will display subtopics such as budget equipment, premium selections, or small space ideas. The company said that the feature will be launched at the end of this year.

High-quality COVID-19 information

Due to the continuing pandemic, Google Search has added a “live view” feature that provides basic information about the business before you visit it in person. This update will show you how busy your business is currently to help you easily maintain social distancing. COVID-19 safety information will also be displayed in the “Company Profile” on Google Search and Maps, letting you know whether the company needs to wear a mask or make a reservation in advance. It will also show whether have taken additional safety precautions, such as regular temperature checks. Companies can also choose to keep their online information up to date, including business hours and inventory.

Show key moments in the video

With its new AI driver tool, Google can now automatically identify key moments in the video and divide them with useful markers to help users jump to the parts of their interest. This is especially convenient for recipes when watching sports highlights or cooking. Although the feature has been in beta throughout this year, Google expects 10% of all searches on its platform to use this new technology.

Advanced search can help improve news quality

Google launched the Journalist Studio to help news professionals efficiently browse through a large number of documents, images and audio recordings. It introduces the Pinpoint function, which can help journalists filter thousands of documents by “automatically identifying and organizing the most frequently mentioned , organizations and locations”. To request access to Pinpoint, reporters can start registering this week.

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Identify a song with a hum

With an interesting new feature, Google Search now allows users to hum, sing, or play music to correctly identify songs. The “Buzz Search” function works similarly to the Shazam app, helping you identify songs playing around you.

The new feature was launched on October 15 and is available in the Google app on Android and iOS platforms. When using Google Assistant, just ask “what is this song?” and then buzz to compose. When searching on Google, you can click on the microphone icon in the search bar and say “search for a song” or “what song is this”. This will enable Google to suggest songs that are similar to yours.

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