the buttons on the Chrome OS PC keyboard to “all buttons.” This was previously known as the “Search” or “Launcher” button, located between the Shift and Tab buttons on the left side of the Chromebook keyboard. The “All” button can be used to search Google, Drive, , files, the web, etc. Chromebook does not have a dedicated caps lock button, but has a button that allows users to quickly search for content.

The tech giant announced the new name of the button in its Chromebook support post. Google said that the new name of the “launcher” button was chosen to reflect user feedback. The search giant hopes that the new name of the button will be included, which will help highlight the dedicated button on the keyboard of the Chromebook laptop.

Clicking the “All” button will open a search bar through which you can search for content on Google and applications and files on your Chrome OS computer.

Since the “all buttons” on the Chromebook machine did not have an official name before, but was just a search icon, including the new name can help users become more familiar with the button’s function and may make better use of it.

As Android Police pointed out, since the Caps Lock button is not used frequently, it is a good choice to reassign it to more useful functions.

The Chromebook platform has received the updates and new features of Chrome OS 86 that began to roll out earlier this month. It includes a refreshed Gallery with improved cropping and filter functions. Users can now also easily log in to the Chromebook through a new button (allowing them to view their password/PIN code) and auto-submit function (using a PIN code to unlock faster).

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You can also immediately change the cursor color and use the text and emoji suggestions in Chrome OS. Users can also play HDR videos on from websites such as YouTube.

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