According to , the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices reiterated the Google Pixel Stand for wireless charging. In addition to being a mobile phone stand, Google Photo digital photo frame and pseudo smart display with Google Assistant, Pixel Stand can also double as a wireless charger. The next generation Pixel Stand was discovered in the code of Android 12 beta 2, which was shown at the Google I/O event last month. Pixel Stand 2 can also be equipped with a fan to help cool the connected Pixel smartphone and stand.

9to5Google reported that Google is working on creating the second-generation Pixel Stand, which is a wireless charger + mobile phone holder for Pixel smartphones. The publication discovered this by delving into the code for Android 12 beta 2 released last week. Code hints Google has started to develop a new wireless charger made by Google.

feature found in this publication is the inclusion of a fan to better cool the Pixel smartphone and wireless charging dock. Given that the upcoming Pixel Stand is capable of 10W charging and there is no report of overheating, it can be speculated that Google is implementing a higher charging wattage for the new Pixel Stand.

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus wireless charger has an output power of 50W and is equipped with a cooling fan, while the Samsung wireless charger is equipped with a cooling fan and the maximum output power is 10W. Therefore, speculation about the higher charging output of the new Pixel Stand wireless charger should be reserved.

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Digging deeper, the publication found that cooling fan “profiles” can be set to determine the number of fans that can work and the speed of rotation at any given point in time. The fan “profile” can be used to speed up, slow down or stop the fan completely. Saying “Hey Google” will temporarily quiet the fans to better understand the user’s commands. If users use the Google Recorder application to record conversations while charging smartphones, they can further quiet the fans. A similar profile can be used in “sleeping mode”.

In addition, users can manually set the Pixel Stand 2 charger settings between “Auto”, “Mute” and “Power Boost”. In the last setting, the fan may run at maximum speed to compensate for faster charging than usual.

In addition, the publication also found the code name “Luxuryliner” of the Pixel Stand 2 wireless charger. The upcoming Pixel Stand is codenamed “Dreamliner”. Coupled with the cooling fan and the expected fast charging, it can be speculated that the wireless charging speed of the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro may be faster than their predecessors.

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