5 has passed JerryRigEverything’s durability test and showed “a lot of ”. Google advertises that the phone has a “waterproof metal body” and a “100% recyclable aluminum case”, but there is no mention of the plastic coating or bio-resin on the metal case. The disassembly shows that the entire curvature of the phone is basically the plastic on top of the metal. The back panel area where the wireless coil is located does not have any metal between itself and the plastic back.

Zack Nelson has passed a series of durability tests on his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, making the Pixel 5 possible. The screen of the phone was protected by Gorilla Glass 6, and scratches with Mohs hardness rating 6 began to appear. More interesting developments unfolded behind the scenes, where Nielsen found “a lot of plastic”. YouTuber also pointed out that Google’s website mentioned metal at three different times, but did not mention plastic or bio-resin once.

Excavation from the side eventually revealed metal under the plastic . The volume buttons are plastic, while the power button is metal. On the back, a lot of scratches and peeling show the copper wireless charging coil. Pixel 5 supports wireless charging, but this technology has limitations. It cannot work through metal. Therefore, in order to bypass this restriction, Google removed all metal from a specific area on the back so that only bio-resin was included between the charging coil and the wireless charging surface in contact with it.

Nielsen also found that the battery is placed directly under the charging coil and is not protected by any metal. Poke the back panel will pierce the battery and start to smoke, which will damage the phone.

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Bio-resin has higher durability than ordinary plastics and will not dissolve when stored in acetone. Applying a lot of heat makes it a little soft and easy to pull apart, exposing the metal on the top and bottom of the phone. However, even if the central part of the phone is not reinforced with metal, Pixel 5 is not easy to bend, which provides a certain guarantee for users.

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