Google Photos for Android is getting a series of new features. Google has added new widgets to Google Photos, Google Play Books, and YouTube Music. Most importantly, the company modified the memory function in Google Photos, and now can automatically organize photos and videos based on past holidays and events. In addition, Google also released the family bell function, the expression kitchen, a new feature that will allow users to automatically start Android Auto when they connect their phone to a compatible car. In addition, it also introduced a digital car key function for specific devices. All these updates are currently limited to Android users.

Google in a blog post on December 1 that will add new features to Android photos. With the latest update of Google Photos, users can access more holiday-themed memory collections to help them recall past memories and events. Memories will appear in your photo grid, from there you can rename, personalize, correct or even delete them. It is said that the new collection of memories in Google Photos will be widely used on Android devices starting this week.

Google has launched three new widgets for Google Photos, Google Play Books and YouTube Music to the holidays. The new Google Photos people and pet widgets allow users to decorate the home screen with photos of their closest people. This can be done by selecting several faces and a frame. According to Google’s blog, the new widgets will be available starting next week.

In other major updates to Android, Google added an emoji kitchen, allowing emojis to be combined into stickers. There is a new security feature that can automatically close the runtime permissions of applications that the user has not opened for a period of time. Google will release new options in time frames. The company confirmed that the Emoji Kitchen feature is currently being rolled out to Gboard Beta users. In the next few weeks, all Gboard users will be able to use it. The new security features will be rolled out starting next month.

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Google’s new home bell feature will help users and their families track their daily schedules by receiving alerts on their mobile phones and home devices such as smart speakers or displays. Similarly, with the latest update, when you connect your Android phone to a compatible car, Android Auto can start automatically. In addition, Google has also added digital car key functions to BMW-compatible Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy smartphones in some countries/regions. This feature will allow Android phones to lock, unlock and even start compatible BMW cars.