Google has announced a new update to Google Password Manager, which now allows users to manually add passwords on Chrome and Android. The new update will also provide a consistent and unified user interface experience across Chrome and Android. Users can now add a Google Password Manager shortcut to their Android phone’s home screen. Google claims that new update will bring stronger password protection by creating strong passwords for users across platforms and ensuring credentials are not compromised.

In a blog post, Google announced that starting Thursday, 30, the internet giant will roll out a new update to Google Password Manager that will add a slew of features to existing versions of the password manager.

Google’s new feature will allow users to manually enter passwords into Google Password Manager directly across platforms such as Chrome and Android. Google says is designed to make the password management process more streamlined. The internet giant has also added a consistent and unified password management experience across Chrome and Android settings. In the new update, Google Password Manager will combine multiple passwords for the same websites and apps. Google will also allow users to add a shortcut to the password manager on the home screen of their Android smartphones.

Other features of the new Google Password Manager update will include stronger password protection settings. The new password manager will create strong and unique passwords for users across platforms, iOS, and ensure passwords are not compromised while browsing the web. In order for a password manager to create passwords for your iOS app, users must set Chrome as their autofill provider.

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Although, Google Password Manager will check passwords as users enter them, but users can also choose to check passwords in bulk via Password Checker. On Android, Chrome flags both compromised credentials and weak or reused passwords. Users can fix such passwords using the new automatic password change feature on Android. Google is extending its password breach warning feature to all Chrome users on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Google is also bringing Touch-to-Login to Chrome on Android, allowing users to log into websites directly the overlay to speed up the login process.