google meet

Recently, has been greatly promoted, adding more to it and making it easier to access on smartphones and PCs. But so far, one of its missing features is the ability to blur the background a video or use a custom image as the background. The situation is about to change, but only for education and business users.

The announced that it will allow students and teachers participating in group video calls to blur their background. Or, they can choose presets, and even custom images stored on a PC or mobile phone as backgrounds. In addition, Google also provides an option for administrators to disable this if deemed necessary.

Some new features coming soon Google Meet Listed below:

  • Google By default, Meet will also prevent anonymous participants from attending educational meetings, but the host or school can choose to disable it.
  • In addition, if they are rejected once to participate in a meeting, they will not be able to send a request (or “knock”) again.
  • In addition, the host can permanently end the meeting of all participants to ensure that no confusion is left at the end of the conversation.

Resources: Google Blog

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