is rolling out its cancellation feature for Google for Android and iOS. This feature will automatically filter out background noise in the audio input of the device while still letting your voice through. Google’s video conferencing service launched desktop noise in June and is currently expanding. However, so far, it only applies to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers on Android and iOS.

Google’s G Suite team stated in a blog that the AI ​​noise cancellation feature on Google Meet has already begun to roll out on Android and iOS, and it will be available in all regions with a few exceptions. This function can filter out background interference, such as dog barking, dog barking, knocking, typing, closing doors or sounds from nearby construction sites.

G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite for Education and G Suite for Nonprofits customers will not be able to use this feature.

By default, the noise reduction feature on Google Meet is turned off, and you must manually turn it on before or during a video call.To use this feature on Android and iOS, click More, Select Set value,then click Noise cancellation.

Google announced the noise reduction function as early as April and introduced it to the web version of Google Meet to select G Suite customers.

When this function is enabled, it will filter out noises that do not sound like sound. Therefore, the voice of the TV or the person speaking at the same time will not be filtered out. Google points out that audio capture for screen sharing will not be by the noise cancellation feature; however, if non-voice (such as playing a musical instrument) is an important part of the call, this feature should be turned off.

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In the past few months, as the pandemic video conferencing has promoted more people for virtual communications, the number of users of the video conferencing platform has surged, so Google Meet has announced some new features.

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