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The search giant announced that from now on, the Google Lens icon will feature prominently on the Google Search homepage. Meanwhile, a recent report said Google plans to discontinue its View app March 2023. The Google Street View app allows users to take 360-degree panoramas of nearly every street in the world. This application also allows users to contribute their own 360-degree imagery to the Street View database. Notably, the more popular Google Maps app also offers 360-degree Street View support. There is also a Street View Studio web app for contributors to upload their 360 imagery.

Google Rajan Patel VP of Engineering Announce On Tuesday, the Google Lens icon was finally added to the Google Search homepage. The lens icon is now next to the microphone icon the search box.

After clicking the icon, the user can choose to drag and drop, upload, or paste the file link. Google Lens provides search, text, translation, and find image source tools that were added to Chrome on desktop earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Google View app will be discontinued on March 31, 2023, according to a 9to5Google report. According to reports, the company issued some shutdown notices for the app the latest update version These notifications are temporarily to the public.

Leaked screenshots depict Google asking contributors to migrate to View studios to upload their 360-degree videos. Meanwhile, Street View and Photo Sphere features are available on Google Maps.

However, the Photo Path feature the View app may be turned off with the app. It allows smartphone users to upload 2D photos of streets that are not the Street View database. Currently, there is no alternative for Photo Paths on Google Maps or Street View Studio.

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