Provide me with a mode in all applications, after which I will live a happy life. I believe in this aesthetic motto. Although the speed of developers using dark mode is commendable, so far, has not introduced it to its own productivity applications. Now, with the emergence of dark themes for , and in , this situation has changed.


Google has started rolling out dark themes for these three apps, but it may take longer than the usual 15 days to display the feature. Enabling the dark will not require administrator control, it will be automatically applied file, Slidewith Bed sheet The application is based on the default system settings.


However, the user can choose to override this feature and enable/disable the feature for each app separately by going to each app. Menu>Settings>Theme>Dark. When you enable a dark theme, there will also be an option called “View with light theme” to see how a particular file will look under a light theme.

Resources: Google Blog

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