Google hides Easter egg for Verizons 5G network in Android 11

After T-Mobile questioned and won the “5G Evolution” marketing term of the National Advertising Division of the BBB National Plan, АТ & T recently fell trouble.

AT & T ’s appeal did not prevent the use of the phrase “5G Evolution” or “5G Evolution, the first step towards 5G” in marketing materials, but the operator stated that the most obvious sign of its activity was the “mobile status bar” The “5GE” mark in will be retained.

Needless to say, Verizon must do something to show that it is running a true 5G network. When you connect to the Ultra Broadband mmWave network in the Big Red urban area, its customer phone always displays “5G UWB” in its notification bar. .

Android 11 and “5G +” mmWave network

hide in Android 11 API Developer Guide Is a feature included in the phone with this update. It turns out that the “5GE” mark will also remain in the Android code, but as far as Verizon’s fast mmWave network is concerned, the mark will be described as “5G +”.
This new API provides various 5G icon display solutions for different operators. Supported technologies include:

  • LTE
  • LTE with carrier aggregation (LTE +)
  • Advanced professional LTE (5Ge)
  • Noise reduction (5G)
  • NR on the millimeter wave cellular band (5G +)

Therefore, you will always know whether you are in a low-band or high-band 5G connection, which is most likely the difference between 100Mbps and 1Gbps peak speed. Despite this, T-Mobile ’s newly constructed 5G on Sprint ’s mid- 2.5GHz network in New York has reached a speed of 1Gbps +, and since it is not mmWave, it may not appear as 5G + on Android 11 phones, which makes We are confused.

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