Google allowed its to expire in June and is now available for sale. The search giant implemented a feature in 2012 that redirects Blogger blogs to a region-specific Blogspot URL based on the location of the visited link, is one of them. In order to keep the URL functioning properly, the name holder (Google in this case) needs to pay a registration fee to renew its ownership of the name. However, Google invalidated it, and now the name is only $5,999 (approximately Rs 449,000). This contains more than 4 old URLs, which stopped working after Google’s ownership .

When a user from a certain country/region tries to a Blogger entry, the country/region-specific URL opens in the user’s . According to a report by BleepingComputer, Google implemented this approach in 2012 to “meet content removal requirements faster.” However, about two years ago, Google stopped redirecting URLs to specific countries, one of which was This domain contains 4.4 million links and Google will keep it until June this until its registration expires.

The report stated that the domain name was acquired by an Indian company on June 24 and is now on the Sedo domain name market for $5,999, which may be abused to spread malware, scams or black hat SEO. The publication states.

However, it’s important to note that the Blogger website itself is still active and functional. If you created a Blogger blog, it will continue to work as usual-the only problem is the old link created with the .in page. If you search the blog today, you will get the correct results on Google, but if someone linked to a blog post in the past and used the .in link, the link will no longer work.

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Gadget 360 has solicited the same opinion from Google, but has not received a reply at the time of writing.

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