Google removed these apps from the Play Store now you should delete them from your phone

Google’s Play Store has homes of millions of applications that make our phones useful in many ways. Moreover, despite Google’s best efforts to ensure that there are harmful applications in its application market, it will inevitably miss some.

Fortunately, Google is not the only company looking for naughty apps. Cyber ​​security company Evina is also searching and testing applications for malware lurking in it, and recently released a copy 25 apps that steal users’ Facebook credentials. Since then, these apps have been deleted from Google’s Play Store, but if you happen to have apps on your device, you should delete them.

The list (contained below) contains applications with completely different functions: from card games to file managers to counters, and even flashlight applications. They have been downloaded more than 2 million times in total, and they all contain the same malicious code.

The malware works by waiting for users to launch applications made by Facebook. Then, it quickly opened a new browser tab with a fake Facebook login page and displayed it on top of the application that was originally launched. The user will then enter their Facebook login details, and then the malware will copy and send it to their designated server. Obviously, technology-savvy users are likely to find that Switcheroo will not be a trick, but children or elderly people who use Android phones for the first time will be vulnerable and damage their Facebook account.

This is why it is important to always ensure that the applications you want to install are legal. You can usually check the comments to see if there are any warnings about them. This is the case for most applications in the above list, but the overall evaluation of these applications is still very high, people can consider downloading them.

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By Rebecca French

Rebecca French writes books about Technology and smartwatches. Her books have received starred reviews in Technology Shout, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Booklist. She is a New York Times and a USA Today Bestseller...