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A YouTube TV logo seen on the sidelines of a major league game.
amplification / The YouTube TV logo before the MLS regular season will be played against Real Salt Lake and Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington on April 6, 2019.

Google Fiber will no longer provide cable to new customers, but it will continue to sell broadband and urge customers to sign streaming video plans such as YouTube TV.

Google Fiber said in a review: "The best TV is already online, and the only TV customers need is" fast, fair, Internet. " announcement yesterday. "So, starting today, Google Fiber will no longer offer linear TV products to new customers."

Existing customers who have subscribed to Google Fiber TV can continue to use the service. New customers can Google Fiber Broadband or bundle it with Google YouTube TVIt is similar to cable TV, but is provided entirely over the Internet and can be used with any Internet provider. YouTube TV costs $ 50 a month and offers live TV on more than 70 channels.

Google Fiber also works with Fubao TV, A similar streaming service that focuses more on live sports than YouTube TV [although both offer live sports]. Customers can choose YouTube TV or Fubo TV when signing up Google Fiber Broadband, or they can just buy broadband and any online video service separately. Google Fiber also provides a Home phone service When you join the internet plan, you pay only $ 10 a month.

Google Fiber still sells 1Gbps internet access for $ 70 a month, with no data cap, Began operations in November 2012. Google once sold a 100Mbps package for $ 50 a month, Stop providing New customers through December.

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Before cancelling the 100Mbps Internet plan and TV service, Google Fiber sold several broadband and TV bundles between $ 95 and $ 160 per month, according to an analyst. Price List Held in Kansas City in September 2019.

With recent changes, Google Fiber has simplified its value proposition to Gigabit Broadband at $ 70 per month and provides an unlimited amount of data video streaming, downloads, and all other features. This will be a compelling publicity for millions of customers across the United States Stuck on the cable Or DSL provider-if not only Google Fiber availability Limited to parts of the country.