COVID-19 puts the at a standstill. When people stay at home, work or study, many people have to rely on mobile phones to establish a good Internet connection. A few ago, T-Mobile shared some statistics how much people have used in the past two weeks.

Of course, is aware of this from its own data. Now, it ensures that Fi can do more work at home. With recent changesFrom this month, customers with unlimited and flexible plans will receive of high-speed Internet without paying additional fees.

Generally, users who adopt the flexible scheme can get 15GB of data at the highest speed, and then reduce it to 256kbps. But now, the speed limit is only activated after the 30GB mark, which actually doubles .

For unlimited users, the reward is smaller because they have a soft cap of 22GB, so they only get 8GB of fast data. It is still about 30% more, not too shabby.

Another gesture by Google to Fi customers is to extend their billing grace period to 60 days. In other words, your service will stop payment within 60 days. This will provide people who have lost their income in this crisis with a chance to breathe and keep them in touch, which is crucial.

Of course, in these difficult times, Google is not the only company that has raised its hand. We have compiled a list of gifts that others are now giving. Please the following link:

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