Google Duo update further enhances support for group calls

The pandemic has changed our lives forever. Even if we can restore our previous habits, nothing is better than before. At the same time, such as Zoom, Slack, Google DuoAnd other similar services that keep people in touch, trying to cope with the surge in users. GoogleDuo is a pure example. The service must increase the number of people who can participate in group calls from 8 to 32 in just a few months. Even if increased the group call limit from 8 to 12 in March, this improvement is insignificant and will need to be improved at some point.

Android police The said that Google Duo is now getting an update, which will further increase the group call capacity to 32. If you open the to notify you about the change, a pop-up window will pop up and you will know that you received this update.

Remember, this is a server-side update, so you don’t need to do anything to get improvements. If it doesn’t exist yet, please wait a few more days because these launches will take a while to spread.

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