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If you like dark mode and your workflow involves the use of Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, then you will be very happy because Google recently introduced a new feature for its documents, sheets and slides The application provides dark theme support. The dark theme not only saves the battery power of the device, but it is also convenient on the eyes, so whenever you look at the screen, you will not feel discomfort. So, by following this guide, you can learn how to enable dark mode on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides on Android, iOS and the web.

How to enable dark mode in Docs, Slides and Sheets on Android

Please note that the dark theme feature was recently introduced, so it is possible that you may not see it on your Android device immediately, but please rest assured that you will use this feature soon. Based on our experience, we tried Docs dark mode on the Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 11 beta, and it worked very well.

Follow the steps below to enable dark mode in Docs, Slides and Sheets on your Android phone or tablet.

  1. turn on documents, slides or spreadsheets On your device. The process of turning on dark mode on all these apps is the same.
  2. Tap Burger icon >Go to Set value >click Choose theme.
  3. select dark Enable dark mode for the app.

However, if you want to preview a specific file with a light theme without closing the dark theme of the application, you can also use this method. Follow these steps.

  1. turn on documents, slides or spreadsheets On your device.
  2. Considering that the dark theme is already turned on, please open file >click Vertical three points Icon>Select Light theme view.
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How to enable dark mode in Docs, Slides and Sheets in iOS

By adjusting some settings on your iPhone or iPad, you can enable dark mode on Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Please follow the steps and thank us later.

  1. First, go to app Store And download Google Docs, Slides and Sheets (if not already installed) on your iOS device.
  2. Now, before proceeding to open the Google app, you need to enable Smart Invert on your iOS device. To do this, go to Set value > Accessibility > Display and text size >Open Smart inverter.
  3. Exit the settings and open any preferred Google app in question, and you will find that the app will now run a darker theme.

In this way, you can preview documents on Google Docs, Slides and Sheets in dark mode, but when you exit the app, the colors and elements in iOS will not work well. This is because Smart Invert is not a perfect dark mode solution. In this case, you can always turn off Smart Invert after the Google app. But we can understand that the process of turning on/off Smart Invert can be lengthy and tedious, so please follow the steps below to make it faster.

  1. go with Set value > control center > Scroll down and add Accessibility shortcut keys.
  2. Back>Click Accessibility >Scroll down to the bottom and click Accessibility shortcut keys >Check Smart inverter.

Now, whenever you want to open Smart Invert, you don’t need to go through the “Settings” menu, just visit the “Control Center” on your iPhone or iPad, and then just click “Accessibility Shortcuts” to enable or disable Smart Invert. You’re welcome.

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How to enable dark mode in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on the web

Similar to iOS, there is no official way to turn on dark themes for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides when these services on the web. However, by adjusting some settings in Chrome, you can make these apps run in dark mode. Follow these steps.

  1. turn on Google Chrome On your computer, then type chrome: // flags/#enable-force-dark In the address bar.
  2. You will see Force web content to dark mode As a disabled person. Enable This option, and then restart Google Chrome.

After doing this, you can now run Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets on the dark-themed Google Chrome.

In this way, you can turn on dark mode in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets for Android.

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