Google has issued a to delay the launch of its information coronavirus site slightly to "later this week." The search giant hasn't planned to build the site since the 1990s, and the site has been the focus of a dispute between President Donald Trump, Google and the media. The president first said sites where people can check for symptoms, schedule tests and get test results Originally from Google, but actually refers to the limited range of websites offered by Google sister company Verily.

A Google spokesperson now tells Edge The company hopes to spend more time filling out the functionality of this new information site. Indeed, too much has happened in the past 24 hours, and Google wants to make sure it has the latest information, such as the nearest local shelter call.

Google's seems unlikely to achieve the comprehensive national screening features promised by the White House. Earlier today, Vanity Fair Report says Jared Kushner overpromises what Google will offer When he described the site to President Trump last week.

Google now claims that the site will "disclose authoritative information to the American people, Including screening and testing."(Emphasize ours.)

If the Google site does link to a filtering tool, it is likely to link to content provided by the CDC. As the test site becomes available, Google says it will also include official information about its location on its and other products, including Google Maps and, of course, search.

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Google provided the following statement regarding the delay:

Verily launched a pilot site to counties in the Bay Area late Sunday and is working with authorities to further expand the work. With the rapid development of local and national guides, Google will continue to work with relevant agencies and authorities later this week to launch a that will provide the American people with authoritative information about screening and testing.

Google stated that its purpose is to make the information site available nationwide and will start with US English, but Spanish will follow up and promote it internationally. Google said its intention was to obtain information from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, it is in Top of some coronavirus searches And with other big tech companies Commitment to "Combat Together" Misinformation.

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Google's sister company, Indeed, the screening site was launched Only serve the Bay Area, and soon had to stop offering new services Reach capacity In less than a day.

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