Google Contacts update adds option to sync contacts stored on the phone

Some of you may know Google Contacts Unable to select backup and sync on the smartphone. If you don't create a contact with your account, that contact will not sync with your other contacts and will remain on your .

Alternatively, you can create contacts directly on your SIM card or on your phone's memory. If you switch , contacts stored on the phone will not sync with your Google account, so you can take them with you in the way.

However, Android Police The report states that Google has begun rolling out a new contact that appears to introduce a new option that allows to back up and sync locally stored contacts. This is done automatically if you enable this feature via the new toggle switch in the settings.

Updates have nothing to do with you pixel Owners because these phones prevent users from storing contacts directly on the phone. New will be rolled out to various phones in phases. Currently it seems to work on Galaxy S10 Series, but not for the new OnePlus flagship.

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