Google will soon users to access payment details and passwords without syncing on Chrome. Users can log on Chrome with a single click on Android without re-entering credentials or syncing. Google said that it has been working hard to bring more features and users a more login experience, aiming to make it easier and more intuitive for users to access Google account information in Chrome. Google has also made it easier to auto-fill the payment methods stored in the account.

Google announced the upcoming feature a blog post. Until recently, it was not easy for users to access the website’s payment information and password. In the next few weeks, all logged-in users on Chrome will be able to use seamless payment and password management regardless of whether the user has synced.

Designed to provide users with greater flexibility to access passwords that have been saved their Google accounts, the search giant will soon sing their Google accounts to enable users to securely access and manage passwords across devices . The user will be able to automatically fill in the password on the website previously saved to the account. After you save the new password, Chrome can let you choose whether you want to save it on the device or in your Google account-the latter you to access it on all devices.

Using the one-click option on Android, when using Chrome to sing, users will be able to automatically fill the payment method stored in their Google account, resulting in a “more convenient shopping experience.” Chrome will ask the user to confirm the CVV/CVC of the card or let the user use biometric technology for authentication. Users can also save a new credit card to their account for use on all devices.

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Google also extended Chrome’s password generation function to more people.

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