dropped the warning message for Microsoft , and it appears when someone using a competitor's web browser visits the Chrome Web Store to install third-party extensions to bring more functionality to desktop applications. The message issued a warning Microsoft surfaced the default Windows 10 browser with the same Chromium code base that supports Google Chrome, warning users to use Google's browser instead for better security.

Because they the same underlying code, browser extensions designed for Google Chrome are now fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Edge. However, Edge users who visited the Chrome Web Store to install extensions received a yellow alert saying that they should switch to the Chrome browser to "safely use extensions."

Because Microsoft Edge and Chrome run extensions in the same way, many people see this warning because Google has taken action against Edge because they are worried about losing market share. Microsoft Edge provides many that are currently unavailable in Chrome ….

According to Google, the warning message was not caused by fears that the new Edge browser would reduce its amazing 69% market share in browsers.

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Instead, the California company told BleepingComputer that it is displaying a warning because Microsoft Edge does not yet support Google's Safe Browsing feature. The latter was created by the Chrome team to extract malicious extensions from the browser to avoid damage.

Anyone using Microsoft Edge will not benefit from this additional protection, and it is possible to continue using malicious extensions even if there are problems with third-party add-ons.

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