Technology giant is gradually introducing a new to Google 87 that allows users to to perform specific browser operations in the address bar.

According to Mashable, this new feature is called Chrome Actions, and it allows users to type commands so that the actions are displayed in the search results of the address bar. When the user selects this action, it will be executed in the browser.

New options can help users search directly in Google or selected engines, and can even display calculations and unit conversions before pressing the “Enter” key. Its next trick may be to attract users of certain categories, who are more accustomed to typing commands in the terminal, or imagine themselves issuing commands to the browser through the commands they type.

As reported by Mashable, a new feature called “Chrome Actions” will allow users to type some keywords and phrases (which can take the form of commands) to initiate certain actions. Like other non-search results, these actions will also be displayed in the suggestion list, and the user must click the suggestion list, or if the option is currently selected, press Enter to take effect.

Techdows lists some known operations, including: delete history, update browser, start incognito mode, update credit card information, edit password, and translate.

Depending on the user’s typing skills, these commands may be faster than when on a menu or clicking on . They are also not enabled by default, and users must at least dig chrome://flags to turn them on.

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As the website points out, this is not an innovation of Google, even before Chrome Actions appeared, other browsers had features.

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