Google cant protect you from Joker malware so its time to delete these dangerous apps

Android malware has a history, Google does its best, and the official Play store of the mobile platform is always beset by threats. We are talking about threats, from the overall stability of the phone to sensitive personal information, social media login credentials, and even the most annoying thing is your bank account balance.

Of course, the most disturbing part is most likely the fact that the same bad guy seems to repeatedly escape different changes in the same evil strategy and adapt wisely Google’s methods of combating malicious applications are becoming more and more complex and can always become more powerful.

This particular Joker iteration does not sound so interesting

The search giant simply cannot exclude certain threats from the Play Store, such as The latest Check Point report. Researchers at this security company discovered another variant of “Joker”, which they described as “one of the most prominent malware on Android”, causing severe damage on countless devices worldwide, despite the discovery of 11 Applications have committed serious crimes After the danger was removed from Google Play at the end of April, the danger may not have been completely eliminated.

Although the report does not list the names of applications that may appear on your Android phone, its published package names should give you an understanding of their market image.

The use cases we discuss here are wide ranging, from image compression tools to memory training games, flower-themed wallpaper collections, file recovery applications, and kinds of relaxation titles.

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If you remember to install sketches that fit any of these descriptions, you should check your phone and credit card bills for unauthorized purchases, especially shady subscriptions. This is the easiest way for this kind of “clown” malware to take you away. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to recover your money.

Unsubscribe, delete and stay alert

What you can and should definitely do is to immediately unsubscribe from any “advanced” services or platforms you don’t recognize, and more importantly, remove suspicious applications from your phone as soon as possible. You can also (usually) install a reliable antivirus solution to avoid future security vulnerabilities, and hope to better detect such threats than Google’s Play Store protection algorithms, machine learning tools, and human experts.

Unfortunately, Check Point researchers fully hope that Joker will continue to lurking in the dark as we speak, changing its shape and sneaky behavior to clear Google’s barriers and steal your hard-earned money, as well as from text messages to contact lists and devices the information. Please note that all of these can and will be against you in different ways, which highlights one thing. Dear, this is a terrible mobile world, and the only person who will let you out of danger is… yourself.

Please pay attention to the downloaded content, even if you exclusively use the Play Store, you should also pay attention to what information your application can access and the credit card balance. Don’t let anyone, especially developers whose names are unknown, don’t trust apps that don’t have high ratings.

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By Rebecca French

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