Google Assistant will get many useful new features to make life for students and their families in these uncertain times. These new features include Google Family Bell, which is a new alarm-like feature that can help families manage schools at home. The ringtone reminder function can announce when to conduct online classes, rest time, reading time, bedtime and other activities. It can be set on any mobile device that uses the Google Assistant or Google Home application. As schools move to laptop and mobile screens, tracking various activities becomes increasingly difficult. The family clock aims to simplify this process so that families can complete their plans on time. Starting yesterday, August 5, Family Bell will be launched in India, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Google’s Family Bell can be programmed via the Google Assistant application on the phone. With this feature, you can customize the alarm to remind someone in the family to do an activity. The app suggests ringtones for activities such as rest, nap time, and math time. You can create and manage ringtones on Android and iOS phones that support Assistant to play on smart speakers or smart displays. The user can select the date when the alarm goes off and the smart device that issued the alarm.

One feature that already exists in Google Assistant is the to broadcast and reply to messages around the house. Google can also enhance this feature by allowing you to broadcast to a specific room or device to make communication easier. For example, if you are in a restaurant, you can broadcast to your daughter’s room to remind her that dinner is ready.

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There will also be a “Daily Animal” function, which will provide facts about different animals every day, provide sounds made by animals, and present challenges in drawing animals. If you want to create a school-like atmosphere, you can also a feature to show certain visual effects on the smart display when you speak.
When Google announced this feature in its blog, it said: “The balancing act of working from home, raising children, and going to school continues. We hope that these new tools can help your family to maintain normal operations in their new daily work.” The family clock is currently only available in English. You only need to a speaker or smart display, and a mobile device with Google Assistant or Google Home app.

360 has not yet discovered Family Bell on Google Home and Assistant.
To check if you can use it and set an alarm, follow these steps: Open the Google Home app on your Android phone/tablet. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then click Assistant Settings>Home Ringtones. Tap Add ringtone And enter the announcement details. Finally, click Create new ringtone. After the ringtone rings, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. You can read more instructions on setting up Family Bell on Google’s support site.

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