Google Assistant is launching a “ action” feature that allows users to plan smart home commands to trigger later. For example, you can say “Hey Google, please turn on the light within five minutes” to control your smart light. According to reports, you can also specify the duration of the operation, such as “turn on the for five minutes.” According to Google’s regulations, the order can be scheduled on any day within 7 days. The planned commands will also be used with other smart home .

Although Google Assistant can already turn lights on and off, users can now schedule operations for various smart home gadgets. For example, you can say: “Hey Google, turn on my coffee machine tomorrow morning at 8 AM”. You can also use sunset and sunrise as triggers for commands. For example, you can say: “Hey Google, please turn on the lights 20 minutes before sunrise.”

The Scheduled Action feature seems to have begun to roll out on Reddit and claims to have discovered the feature. However, it is not clear whether everyone can use it.

As stated on Google’s page, users can also cancel planned operations. Google will return a list of the operations the user has scheduled and prompt the user to specify the operation to cancel. However, early users reported that the cancellation process was not smooth.

The support page indicates that Google Assistant may have trouble recognizing adverbs of time (such as tomorrow or next week), and users must specify the exact date and time when planning the command. If the user does not do this, Google Assistant will return an error.

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A report by 9to5Google pointed out that the “predetermined action” is limited to smart home commands and routines and cannot be used to plan actions such as playing .

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