announced on Tuesday “Verified Phone”, a new feature of the “Phone” app on devices that will identify calls from numbers in response to phone fraud. The search giant wrote in a blog that this is a serious problem in and many parts of the world, and Google’s verified phone will show you the identity of the caller and the reason for the . Google wrote that it will be promoted globally from India, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the United States.

According to Google’s blog post on “verified calls,” spam and fraudulent calls eroded trust in businesses and increased consumer costs. It noted that “a report by the FTC in 2019 found that the phone was the person contacted by scammers. Although most people hang up, those who lost money lost an average of $1,000.”

This is also a huge problem in India and became the inspiration for the Netflix series Jamtara, Named after the “fishing capital of India”. In 2019, Maharani of the old Patiala answered a call with an unknown and was defrauded of rupees. The problem of 230,000 is common, and this is the exact problem Google hopes to solve with the new “Verified Phone” feature.

“Verified call” is a feature of the “Phone” app on Android, and it is usually preloaded on most phones, but if your phone manufacturer chooses to use a custom dialer, later this week You can also download “Verified Calls”. When you receive a call from a verified company, you will see the name, verification symbol (white check mark on the blue shield) and the reason for the call.

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Google added in its blog that this information is displayed in a secure manner and that Google will not store or collect any personally identifiable information after verification. This feature makes Google compete with Truecaller, which is very popular in India, at least in part because it is very helpful in avoiding scam calls.

However, “Verified Calls” is a step beyond Truecaller, it also shows you the reason for the call-this is very helpful, because you want to answer the call from the ISP about the complaint, but you can choose to ignore the new call Information. plan.

Google has been conducting a “verified call” trial for several months, and the results show that people who enable this feature are more likely to answer the phone, which also means that companies will have to face fewer ignored calls. This should provide companies with motivation to use this feature.

Google pointed out: “For example, banks can increase the response rate by alerting customers to possible fraudulent transactions by telling the reason for the call. Food delivery companies or logistics companies can also do the same to ensure that customers are free to receive goods.” Its position.