Google is adding the ability to set custom statuses for Gmail and Google Chat. Earlier users could choose between three options—Activity, Do Not Disturb, and Leave—but now they can add their custom messages. The new status update feature of Gmail and Google Chat is accompanied by the name change from “room” to “space” this month. As part of the update, Google also mentioned some new features, such as inline threads, presence indicators, expressive reactions, and collapsible views.

The ability to set a custom status on Gmail and Google Chat is now available to all users. It was first discovered by Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica and reported by 9to5Google. TechnologyShout can also independently verify updates.

Google will now users to set a custom status. Users can select the status by clicking the oval button in the upper right corner of the web version of Gmail. Earlier clicking on the above button provided users with three options- Be proactive, do not disturb, with go away. Now there is a fourth option- Add status users to set their own custom messages.

Clicking the “Add Status” button will lead the user to a pop-up menu with four standard options — Come back soon, commute, ask for leave, with Holidays. Each of these options has its own emoji-shoes, cars, emoji with thermometer, and palm trees. You can set a custom status for a pre-selected duration, such as 30 minutes, one hour, today, or this week.

Users can now also choose to set their own custom status by entering the content they wish to convey in the text box above the above options. The text box also provides users with the option to choose a custom emoji to match the text. Once the user enters their in the text box, a drop-down menu will appear allowing them to set the duration of the state.

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It’s worth noting that users will not be able to access this feature unless they activate the integrated Gmail experience. In addition, Gmail for Android and iOS does not currently support this feature, and is currently limited to the web version of Gmail.

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