Global system supplier ZKW Group seeks innovative sensor solutions

Due to the increasing importance of autonomous driving, sensors are also gaining popularity. Although the main headlights and taillights are very suitable for placing sensors on vehicles due to their location, there are still many challenges in making the technology safe and efficient to use.

ZKW Group is an expert in , quality lighting systems and electronics. As a system , the group is one of the world's leading strategic partners in the automotive industry. To make sensor technology more secure, industry leaders are seeking to with startups and established companies to consistently improve the accuracy of sensor data. For this you can now submit Cooperation plan Drive Light & Sight Edition 2020 Until May 31, 2020.

ZKW welcomes various

The overall goal of the partner program is to determine Optimize the technology used by the sensor the most important is Make them more secure. In this case, improving the accuracy of sensor data through light is particularly important for achieving autonomous driving.

In short, your solution should be the answer to one of the following questions:

  1. How to clean the pollution of current sensors (LiDAR, radar, cameras) and remove other visual obstacles (such as dew) so as to always provide accurate environmental data?
  2. Are there sensor systems that are not sensitive to pollution and other visual impairments?
  3. How do we design the sensor environment to ensure that no contamination / other visual impairments are not apparent?

So interesting solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensor cleaning, component coating design to avoid particle collection
  • Available 24/7 sensor
  • Calibration and verification sensor
  • Method for merging data from different sensors
  • Sensor Hybrid Solution
  • solution Maximum safety for all road users In the age of autonomous driving
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What's good for your company?

30.000 € total bonus

Up to four innovation teams will receive a total equity-free bonus of 30.000 and establish direct contact with ZKW experts.

Proof of concept partnership

The collaboration phase will be a pilot or proof of concept (PoC) for your existing solution. Selected startups will work with ZKW Group's internal team to further enhance and develop their technology.

Industry Contact

ZKW Group will evaluate the suitability for further project development to identify other opportunities in the automotive industry and bring the most innovative technologies to ZKW's roadshow.


Selected startups will join ZKW Group's industry experts in an exclusive launch event in September 2020 *. This event gives you the opportunity to come up with a solution and communicate with ZKW experts. The event will be held near Vienna, Austria.

It sounds pretty good? Apply for Drive Light & Sight Edition 2020 As of May 31, join the journey!

* ZKW reserves the right to cancel or postpone the competition if appropriate.


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