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designed on napkins, the world-famous Mini was launched by the British Motor Company (BMC) in 1959. It was conceived as a cheap and practical city car suitable for families with limited budgets. Today 6 years later, this is a classic sought after by many people Aftermarket The company praises it as the ideal basis for building the craziest dreams. Gildred Racing turned the mini car into a mid-engine 500-horsepower sleeper, which is wider than most people think.

Starting with the 1974 model, the California-based company removed the original four-cylinder engine (and the four-speed manual transmission bolted under it, usually you will find the oil pan), and completely disassembled Inside. In the end, only the front seats can be returned; the space occupied by the miniature rear seats is now home to the 3.2-liter V6 engine. ura song CL S-type production began in the early 2000s. It is installed laterally and rotates the rear wheels a six-speed manual gearbox.

ura song Citing the output power of six people at 260 horsepower, this is a healthy upgrade for the Little Englishman, but Gildred adjusted it to 500 horsepower and 383 by making a series of modifications (including a significant increase in supercharger) Pound-feet of torque. Compared with the Mini 850 in 1974, it increased 466 horsepower, so the scope of the chassis upgrade is very long. It includes larger brakes made by Wilwood and a completely redesigned suspension. And, although installing the V6 in a small front-wheel drive car like the Mini sounds like a challenge, Gildred pushed it to its climax. The engine compartment is now where the fuel tank and radiator are located, and when the trunk is opened, huge exhaust gas is found. Of course, the trade-off is that there are no more suitcases, but this is a sacrifice we are to make.

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Performance specifications have not been released. Gildred simply said that its ,400-pound Super Cooper is “very impressive”, we believe. It turned out not. It took 34 seconds from stopping to reaching a speed of 62 miles per hour.

Gildred also made several changes to modernity. It adds a 9.7-inch iPad, where you can find the touch screen used in the infotainment system in modern cars, the Alpine audio system, the button ignition switch, electric locks and windows, LED headlights and automatic air conditioning. We imagine that the entire cabin gets hot when the V6 sweats. Passengers sit on heated and cooled leather and suede cushioned Recaro bucket seats. However, when viewed from the outside, Super Cooper looks just like your standard minibar. It is wider and lower than the stocked products, but it has not been overly modified by the wings, vents and other sticky accessories.

The red example shown in our gallery is the first Super Cooper TypeS. Nine other examples will also be made, so if the pocket is deep enough, you still have time to one. $150,000 price tag.

If you like the idea of ​​ the style Mini, but you don’t need it, there are many other options available Chevrolet Corvette-style power Delivered to the rear wheel production by David Brown Automotive in the UK Mini repair For example, the price will be perfect to an unprecedented height. Or, if you are buying a new product, there is currently a store V8 stuffed with BMW M3 In the 2007 Mini Cooper S.

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