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Paris-front Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn gave an understatement to his old employer in a newspaper interview on Sunday. Renault Nissan’s results were “sad”, and the main reason was the lack of joint leadership and not the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ghosn, he too Mitsubishi was arrested in at the end of 2018 on charges of underreporting his salary and using company funds for personal purposes. He denied the allegation. He fled from to Lebanon.

“There is a market confidence issue in the alliance. Personally, I find the results of Nissan and sad. Both companies look inward. There is no longer any real management mix between and Nissan, but a distrust Distance,” he told the Paris newspaper.

Ghosn competitors’ share declines from November 2018 to June 2020 General Motors with Toyota cars Nissan fell 12% and 15%, Renault fell 55%, and Renault fell 70%.

He said: “All these manufacturers are facing the same COVID crisis, but Renault and Nissan are punished more than other manufacturers.”

Ghosn fled to Japan in December last to his childhood home, Lebanon, when he was tried for underreporting, breach of trust, and embezzlement of company funds, but he denied these.

Ghosn was questioned in Lebanon in January. He has stated that he will fully cooperate with Lebanese judicial procedures, but he is not clear about the cooperation between Tokyo and Beirut.

French prosecutors also stepped up the investigation into Ghosn’s suspected misappropriation of Renault funds and summoned him in France on July 13, but he did not attend.

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Ghosn said: “There are technical obstacles. My passport is in the hands of the Minister of Justice of Lebanon because Japan has issued me an arrest warrant.”

“I also want to make sure that my safety is guaranteed and that I have freedom of movement.”

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