GDC 20

At the end of February, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, this year's game developer conference originally scheduled for March this month was postponed. A statement on the website says the program will host an annual later in the .

Now that everything is in order, the original meeting will be replaced by a brand new -day summer expo, which will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from 4th to 6th. This is the full summary:

GDC Summer's conference plan will include high-quality technical content, as well as valuable round-table discussions to facilitate dialogue and networking.

The event will host a series of new micro and fireside chats and provide dedicated space for a comprehensive career development conference covering topics such as how to promote games, effective communication strategies, how to attract investors / issuers and business development strategies And other topics.

To celebrate the game development industry, GDC Summer 2020 will launch a new community partner program. Organizations will have the opportunity to apply for a venue to host meetings and gatherings next to the main event. Qualified organizations can include SIG meetings, non-profit board meetings, local gatherings, "office hours" hosted by community professionals, portfolio review rooms, podcast recordings, and more.

The plan allows GDC as an organization to reach industries that have not yet been developed due to space constraints. At the same time, the sponsorship program is designed to be easy to implement and its sponsorship process is shorter than average compared to other industry events.

GDC Summer will provide an opportunity for the game development community to come together in a way that COVID-19 cannot achieve. Security remains a top concern for GDC , and the GDC team will continue to monitor the latest information from health officials to ensure that everyone at GDC Summer, GDC 2021 and beyond can participate in safe and compelling events.

For more details on GDC Summer, please visit GDC Official Website. For additional information you can subscribe Facebook with Twitter.

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