Garmin launches new old solar powered smartwatches

’s are expensive, so they are definitely not for everyone. Although they can be said to be the strongest on the market, you must be able to afford it first. Nevertheless, regardless of price, there will always be a market for quality products.

Long story short, Garmin has Decided to refresh Its advanced smartwatch lineup includes new, older models with additional features: technology. Garmin added energy technology to its four iconic smart watches: Instinct, Fenix ​​6 and 6s, and Tactix Delta.

These are not the first solar smart watches launched by Garmin, and may not be the last. These new solar versions build on the success of Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar and are expected to extend battery life and provide new features for surfing, mountain biking and climbing activities.

In terms of specifications, except for solar panels, these smart watches have not changed. For example, Fenix ​​6S with solar panels can now provide an extra day and a half of battery life and sufficient sunlight, while 6 Pro Solar can extend the battery life by an additional two days by adding new technologies.

Next, we will get Garmin’s Instinct series products, which include three new solar models: Instinct Solar, Instinct Solar Surf Edition and Instinct Solar Tactical Edition. These three products have a battery life of up to 50 days in smart watch mode when the sun is abundant, but if the user activates the power saving mode, they should be used indefinitely.

Last but not least, the new Tactix Delta is a military-grade smartwatch that uses solar charging to extend battery life and uses the Power Manager mode to provide indoor lighting for up to 21 days and up to 24 Ample sunshine in the sky. Smart watches have a so-called “invisible” mode, which disables location sharing and wireless connections, and a cancel switch to clear user memory.

In terms of price, these are quite expensive. Although the recommended retail price of Instinct Solar starts at $400, the recommended retail price of the Fenix ​​6 series solar version is $850, and the recommended retail price of the Tactix Delta solar version is $1100.

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