has introduced a new feature useful for pregnant women. It can track the pregnancy of its product line, allowing to track their pregnancy and how their baby grows once a week. It also provides educational content about nutrition and exercise. This feature is available through the Garmin Connect IQ and can be activated during the menstrual cycle. After enabling and setting, users can easily change their training goals and get Kegel’s exercise and hydration .

The wearable company has announced this new feature through a blog post. The company pointed out that the Vivomove wearable series provides pregnancy capabilities. But it may also appear on other Garmin wearable , at least those that provide menstrual cycle tracking.

Must go to the Garmin Connect app to enable pregnancy tracking User Settings>Women’s Health>Cycle Type>Pregnancy. Users must provide detailed information and other information about the previous period to assess their current pregnancy status. After filling in the information, users will have to download the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ app to start using the feature on their wearable devices.

As mentioned earlier, this feature can track pregnancy once a week. It has the function of manually inputting and tracking baby movement and blood sugar level. There are customized reminders for Kegel exercises and setting hydration goals. This new feature also provides weight recommendations, and tracks sleep and “body battery” to determine weekly changes in the body.

In addition, the new Garmin pregnancy tracking feature also provides educational content related to exercise and nutrition. It also provides the approximate gestational age of the baby and compares it with fruits and vegetables to give you a visual representation of the baby’s size. These features are similar to those provided by other baby tracking apps such as Baby Center, but you can use Garmin to get reminders on your wrist, and wearables may also be more accurate in measuring changes in your body.

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