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  • For launch haven The first single of the original soundtrack, an exclusive dialogue with Danger.
  • The Game Bakers will provide more music soundtracks for their upcoming games today Haven And accept an exclusive interview with “Danger”.
  • Electronic musician Danger talks about his creative process and his creative inspiration in the soundtrack of the upcoming game of The Game Bakers haven.

The Game Bakers will provide more music soundtracks for their upcoming games today haven. The original soundtrack will be completely composed by French electronic musician Danger. Danger’s one foot is involved in the music industry, and the other foot is involved in the computer graphics and gaming world. His work is dedicated to haven After his first album Taiko and “Origin”. This is a good time to talk to Danger and talk about his creative process and his creative inspiration. In this case, the first single “4:42 Still Free” has been released, you can Listen for free on YouTube Or on Other platforms, such as FanLink.

haven Creative Director Emeric Thoa: Musicians, designers, gamers, video producers, visual artists … As an artist, you have a very eclectic personal style. Where did this come from?

Danger: I never want to choose between music and images. I grew up listening to music in movies and video games, and then watching music videos. Music and visual arts are just manipulations of waves, and their basic vocabulary is actually the same: wavelength, frequency, amplitude, whether it is color or musical note. What I learned from the images enriches my music.

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Using all the media we consume every day, I will do my best to express my feelings, and I hate to do only one thing. Writing soundtracks into video games is a great opportunity to expand this range.

Emeric Thoa: Your music is usually dark, but haven It’s a “feel good” game. How does it feel to deviate slightly from your intonation?

Danger: Indeed, I do like a mysterious atmosphere. If I have an overall understanding of my work, I will find that I am more susceptible to all the feelings of childhood and adolescence. I still like that part.

I think people tend to romanticize the emotional world of children: this is a beautiful world, a time of innocence, everything is just happiness and “simple” happiness. That’s not what I remembered: For me, childhood is a world, where everything is new, everything is strange, things are not defined, the world is composed of irrational fears. This is a strange, intuitive and chaotic world, everything is built on feeling. Hayao Miyazaki’s work very reflects this special vision of childhood. When I deal with this music, his work provides me with an important reference.

So far, I am more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in music, but the Haven soundtrack has given me the opportunity to explore other aspects of my childhood.

Haven Soundtrack

Emeric Thoa: Even if the music comes from Furi with haven There is a big difference. Do you think there is a connection between these two games and the soundtrack, shared DNA?

Danger: Furi It is a more war-like game with a very retro / hybrid music atmosphere only in single player mode. The music must be truly “tough” and “hard”, but also “knightly” with a potential sense of fracture. haven It is a game that allows more space for exploring the environment and the relationship between the characters.

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Early on, I felt that the most important emotion is that the player must gradually weave the connection between all the parts.

‘S music haven This connection must be expressed: something accumulated little by little becomes stronger and stronger, contains, reassuring, fascinating, and at the same time never denies its potential vulnerability.

The design and concept of these two games are also linked through their Japanese and French identity, and my work also has these influences. I was deeply influenced by the French and Japanese animation series in the 1980s, such as “Ulysses 31” and “Golden Mysterious City”. The soundtracks of these two series are very important to me. In haven.

The two audio tracks are also linked by a sense of adventure, heroic journey and epic pursuit. These emotions are also the foundation of my music, which actually makes our cooperation easier.

haven with Furi They also shared the fact that their games do not focus on realistic graphics, but a unique visual method with very unique styles and color palettes. I also used a more restrained music palette carefully, hoping that it be well recognized without being purely a synthetic wave product.

Haven Soundtrack

Emeric Thoa: As video game fans, we would love to know if you want to create any iconic video game for music?

Danger: I hope to make more soundtracks in the future. The prospect of cross-border projects between video games and music is bright, just as there are often directors and composers working together in movies. I think the video game world benefit a lot (for example, Fincher and Trent Reznor, or Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi).

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Video games are in a golden age, and even AAA is trying something strange. There are many things to do in the soundtrack. Personally, if a movie or video game does not have an incredible audio track, I think it is not a “classic movie”.

Now, I imagine my music appears more in the world of independent video games, which makes the edges of the project a bit rough, but on the other hand, I want to imagine the use of my music in similar games Games by Hideo Kojima or Fumito Ueda.

haven The Xbox Game Pass is expected to be released later this year. Within a few months before the game is released, more information about the album will be disclosed. For the latest game information, please check TheGameBakers.com/Haven, Dangerwith Listen to a single “4:42” on FanLink.