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British video game retailer GAME has taken its employees on leave with full pay until the end of April, because coronavirus The epidemic broke out, but it is uncertain whether they will find a job after that.

GAME was forced to close each of its 247 stores on March 24, when the British government issued an appeal to close all retail stores that sell non-essential items. Frasers Group [the name of GAME owner Mike Ashley ’s retail business] posted an email on March 31, European games, And notify employees on vacation that they will continue to pay regular wages from March 26 to April 30, 2020. Wage levels are determined by average monthly income, not contract work.

However, the email also states that salaries and jobs cannot be guaranteed after the end of April. Thereafter, according to the government ’s Coronavirus Job Retention Program [which the Fraser Group is using], employees still working in the group will receive 80% of their wages, with a maximum cap of £ 2500 per month.

GAME's warehouse in Basingstoke continues to operate to fulfill online orders.

Here are some edited highlights from emails like European games:

We are working in an unprecedented era. Our lives and economy are changing dramatically every day. COVID-19 covers all aspects of what we do. All of us, individuals, businesses and society as a whole are affected. Our economy is fighting for survival. The retail industry remains one of the hardest hit industries. We will continue to do our best to ensure that our business remains as strong as possible for the benefit of all of us.

We have to make difficult decisions to ensure that our business is at its best when we get out of the situation. The jobs that were there have disappeared. Like many other companies, our business is small. We must deal with these situations, including reducing workload.

As you know, according to the latest guidelines from the British government and the latest strict restrictions on licensing activities, we have no choice but to close all stores only when the transaction is closed on March 23, 2020. Because your work is related to transactions in our store, you have been unable to work or have not worked since this date or soon after-this is because there is no work available to serve you.

Throughout the enterprise, there are many eerie stories about our employees supporting us, their colleagues and their communities [whether national or local]-thank you.

However, the email also added "… we and you should plan for the next few months to make our business harder" and "… we can't rule out the possibility of taking such drastic measures We are in a difficult situation. "

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GAME has experienced a turbulent history in the past few years, and it is great to see what form the UK ’s only professional video game retailer will take once the coronavirus outbreak ends.

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