Game of Thrones may usher in a second prequel. According to reports, HBO is developing a one-hour series of novels based on the “ Dunk and Egg Story” novella by George RR Martin (“Song of Ice and Fire” and “Shooting Leads to Game of Thrones” books. Dunk and The egg story tells the adventures of “Slam Dunk” (Future King’s Guard Commander Seken Duncan) and “Egg” (Future King Egon V. Tagarian of Westeros). Aegon V ) Is the father of the Crazy King, the grandfather of Daenerys Targaryen (Daenerys Targaryen), and the great-grandfather of Jon Snow (Jon Snow).

The variety show brought the fable of the prequel series of “ Dunk and Egg” in the home of “Game of Thrones” (HBO) “Early Development”, which is more than what we have witnessed in the eight seasons of the epic fantasy series The incident was 90 years old. According to “Variety”, no writer or creator is interested in the adaptation of “Dunk & Egg”, but this is obviously a “high priority” for HBO. Both HBO and declined to comment. AT&T’s WarnerMedia has become quite aggressive in recent months to develop its fledgling product HBO Max, and may hope to use “Game of Thrones” to further stimulate people’s interest.

It already has the work of “Dragon House”, which is a prequel to “The Throne of Power” adapted from Martin’s 2018 “Fire and Blood”. The book is set 300 years before the start of the exhibition and tells about the Tagarian family. The history of this led to the civil war. a dragon dance. Dragon House has a series of HBO orders and is expected to premiere in the world in 2022. If Dunk & Egg are to get a series of orders, it will become the second prequel of “The Throne”. But there is no guarantee. The first prequel led by Naomi Watts was cancelled after filming the pilot.

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Unlike the latter, Dunk & Egg wrote its own information as a basis. published the first novella “Hedge Knight” in 1998, “Sworn Sword” in 2003, and “Mystery Knight” in 2010. Since then, Martin has been focusing on “Winter Wind”, which has been quiet. The sixth book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series-although he insists that he has a rough overview of the next two works (“Winterfell’s Wolves” and “Country Heroes”) Works (“Selling Swords”, “Champions”, “Guardians of the King” and “Commander of the Kings”).

Interestingly, given ’s early concerns about this, HBO is developing “Dunk & Egg” as a series. Back in 2017, when the five Thrones prequels were all under development, Martin once said: “We are not doing Dunk & Egg. In the end, it is certain that I will it, and many of you will like it. But to So far, I have only written and published three novellas, and I have to write at least seven, eight or ten books. We all know how slow I am and how fast TV can move. I don’t want to repeat “Game of Thrones” “What happened in itself, the play goes beyond books.”

Many people believe that “Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones) is ahead of books, which is an important reason for its decline in the next few quarters, which may put HBO’s new moves on hold. Of course, it depends on who will host Dunk & Egg.