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Although it didn't appear at yesterday's Unpacked event, 's long-delayed Bixby smart speaker finally got something similar to the release. Tizen help Found as a Pre-order bonus for Korean customers. As far as we know through Google Translate, the offer seems to be available for the Galaxy booked between February 14th and February 26th, which will be released next month.

This promotional is the latest development in Samsung's weird smart speaker legend. Officially released full-size Galaxy Home August 2018 Typical enough, but since then the device has faced numerous DelayAnd did not appear in any subsequent releases from Samsung.

Smart speakers will be offered as a pre-order bonus for the Galaxy S20.
Picture: Samsung

Then, it seems everywhere, the Galaxy Home Mini looks like Public beta In Korea last year, Samsung subsequently said it would release the speaker Earlier this year. A leaflet that briefly appeared on Samsung's website claims that the version will Happened on February 12.

Then on the weekend The camera appeared The idea of ​​the running Galaxy Home Mini to speak in English has raised hopes that it will be released worldwide. The leak also revealed many details the various operations that the speaker can perform. These features include standard smart speaker functions, such as setting a timer or controlling a smart home device, and a built-in infrared transmitter that lets it control devices such as TVs, similar to Amazon Fire TV Cabinet.

However, when the Galaxy S20 was announced, Samsung's smart speakers were nowhere to be found. It currently appears that the Galaxy Home Mini is only available as a promotional product in South Korea. There is no word yet on whether or when it will be released as a standalone device, or whether it will leave Samsung's hometown.

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