Former Yahoo CEO (Marissa Mayer) started her return to the tech on Wednesday by launching a new mobile designed to help people organize connections.

According to Mayer, the startup founded by Mayer after leaving Yahoo in 2017 launched an application called “ Contacts”, which “automatically reads from phone calls, online address books, emails, etc. Create a comprehensive set of personal and professional contacts in different locations”. the company.

Mayer, Sunshine’s co-founder and CEO, said: “The technology necessary to help us keep in touch with the most important people is outdated.”

“At Sunshine, we believe that there is a huge opportunity to make ordinary magical things magical. This is a very challenging and rewarding problem, and we will start immediately.”

Sunshine, headquartered in Silicon Valley, has raised US$20 million (approximately Rs 1.5 billion) in funding and plans to launch a series of other applications.

The Sunshine Contacts application is free and available for the Apple iOS operating system, designed to help create more personal and professional contact organizations.

Sunshine website said: “If you are like most people, the contact card on the phone is messy: it has not been updated for many , there are many duplicate copies, many incomplete, and some information is out of date.”

Using the application, “Your previous static messy contact cards will be magically organized and updated with the latest information.”

Mayer finally left Yahoo in 2017 after negotiating a agreement with Yahoo in 2017 after failing to carry out an engineering transformation for the once dominant Internet company.

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Yahoo’s price is less than 5 billion U.S. dollars (about 37,100 crore), compared with the peak market value of about 125 billion U.S. dollars (about 92.77 crore) in 2000, a significant drop.

After more than a decade at , she was appointed CEO of Yahoo in 2012, becoming one of the few women leading a large technology company in Silicon Valley.

Mayer (Suner) co-founder is Enrique Munoz Torres (Enrique Munoz Torres), he was the head of Yahoo’s search and advertising business, and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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