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Today's deals include Apple's latest MacBook Air and iPad and more

transaction. The new MacBook Air and new iPad Pro are still available at $ 50 off on Amazon and will be back in stock on April 7, so you should snap them up whenever possible. The MacBook Air starts at $ 950 and the iPad Pro starts at $ 750. If you want to buy some ear-hook headphones, the Sony WH1000MX3 can enjoy a discount of $ 23 for only $ 255.

Buy 13-inch MacBook Air

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Buy Sony WH1000XM3

AT & T will provide free wireless data for distance learning and free of charge to help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Apple releases a series of new distance learning videos

In order to keep you informed about companies that adapt to the current situation, American telephone and telegraph co. Free wireless data is being provided for distance learning and will be free of charge for at least 60 days during a pandemic to help. apple A new set of videos have also been released to help with distance learning. They currently have two videos that show you how to prepare for distance learning using the tools you have, and another video to create and share presentations.

Royole launches FlexPai 2 with improved foldable display and upgraded internal components

Now, if you do n’t remember, the first foldable we really got was Royole Flex Pai Back to CES2019. That's terrible. The company is again adopting Royole Flex Pai 2, which now brings Cicada Wing Flexible Display technology, which reduces bending radius and creases, and also improves panel brightness, viewing angle and contrast. It encapsulates 865, LPDDR5 RAM, and a 7.8-inch OLED panel in a 4: 3 aspect ratio. Prices and time to market will be announced later.

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OnePlus 8 series full spec list leaked

We are still a month early, but now we can get information about OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The picture comes from Twitter and it shows that the ordinary OnePlus 8 will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 5G, 8 or 12GB RAM, 128 or 256GB storage, a 90HZ display and a camera with a 48MP main sensor. Continue to use the OnePlus 8 Pro, which will also pack Snapdragon 865 5G, 8 or 12GB RAM, 128 or 256GB storage, a 120Hz display, and a four-camera system with two 48MP sensors. Finally, the 8 Pro also includes 30W wireless fast charging.

New says iPhone 12 may not be available until 2021

We have heard many rumors about how Apple will postpone its listing. iPhone 12Even if the manufacturer is back to work. A new report from Japan says Cupertino could delay the iPhone 12 for months due to concerns about how the iPhone is being sold under current circumstances. The company believes that lower consumer appetite will make the "first 5G iPhone" a mild product, and they need this to be a big success because this is their first time using 5G. The current situation also affects production as prototypes are not yet specific. Sources said the fall was not fully completed but could be postponed to 2021.

Samsung brings Galaxy camera to Galaxy S10 and Galaxy 10

Samsung brings many new camera features through the Galaxy S20 to take advantage of new hardware. However, the company just launched Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Bring these new features. The first function is a single shot, which can take multiple photos and a short scene, and then recommend the best photo for you. We also have Hyperlapse, which lets you capture artistic low-light photos. The update also brings other features such as "Custom Filters", "Professional Video", "Clear View", "Quick Crop" and more.

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