bronco gens 04

bronco gens 04

use Ford formal confirm Bronco will become the entire sub-brand Prius Develop into one Toyota cars, The blue oval doubled its legacy of iconic nameplates. With Monday’s announcement, has been touting ’s position in the US market. Car history And the cultural heritage of the entire country.

In this video, together with Ford Archives and traditional brand , we show decades of Mustang in Ford Archives. From memos and progress reports, to models and paint samples, and Ford’s other historians are sitting in the nostalgic Mustang treasure trove.

Anyone fascinated by the history of cars will find some of Ryan’s findings, from secret internal memos to design prototypes, and even the first-generation Bronco made of Diamond Blue. One of the earliest records of the origin of the Mustang was a memo from 1963, which called the Mustang project “GOAT”, which means “beyond everything.” terrain“, February 1964, Lee Ekoka Approved the project, hereinafter referred to as Bronco.

But despite this internal project name, Bronco is not “Bronco”. Ryan said that the new 4×4 has several names, including some familiar ones. Explorer, Footprint suit Yes even Wrangler Are competing. Others on the shortlist include Sprint, Rustler, Caballero and Bravo.

Ryan’s experience is far from comprehensive, but it involves the concept, development, impact on American culture, and ultimately the demise of the Bronco in the 1990s, because Americans screamed out, hoping to have more large doors and cup holders. , Family friendly SUV.

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