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  • Forager, An open world adventure and exploration game that is well-loved (for example ria, Stardew Valley with my world Now available via Xbox Game Pass on the console and PC
  • Forager Invite players to embark on an adventure, explore a vast world full of secrets, puzzles, friendly characters and enemies, build and defend their base along the way.
  • Developed HopFrog in collaboration with Humble Games

Hey everyone!

Today is really exciting news. Forager, Now you can get the open world, adventure and exploration experience created in collaboration with Humble Games through Xbox Game Pass on the console and PC!


The prototype I created initially Forager There was a game jam in just two weeks. Forager Let players embark on an adventure and explore a vast world full of secrets, puzzles, friendly characters and enemies. With a pickaxe, you can craft, explore and collect resources to build your base (and defend the base!). I like to think Forager A quirky combination of action adventure games, sandbox games and RPG and other popular features. Hope you won’t run into trouble!

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Since the beginning of my journey, I have been shocked the incredible community of foragers who have been supporting the game and I am happy to bring Forager Xbox Game Pass can bring more players into hands. I always like to hear Forager On the community Disharmony with Twitter, Please feel free to contact us and share your ideas to further develop the game.

Therefore, without further ado, good luck and happy foraging!

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Forager is a 2D open world game inspired your favorite adventure, farming and hand-made games. -Collect, collect and manage resources. -Make useful objects and structures. -Build and expand the foundation with nothing. Purchase land to expand and explore. -Upgrade and learn new skills, abilities and blueprints. – Solve puzzles, find secrets and raid dungeons! – Achieve you want! The choice is yours, you have to set your own goal and work towards it! Start small, improve your basics, skills, equipment, network of friends (and enemies!), and build your future as you see fit!