Flipkart announced the launch of a service market called Flipkart Xtra on September 22, aiming to provide individuals, service organizations and technicians with part-time opportunities to make money. Initially, the market began to allow people to join as delivery executives, but its goal was to further expand the scale and enable service organizations and skilled individuals to become service partners and technicians. The launch of Flipkart Xtra coincides with the festival and Flipkart’s Big Days 2021 promotion to be held next month.

Individuals can find part-time jobs through new initiatives launched by Wal-Mart companies by downloading the Flipkart Xtra app from Google Play on their Android devices. It will ask to share their information and upload proof of identity for verification. After successful verification, the application will add the user to the selected role.

The Flipkart Xtra app is designed to make it easy for individuals and service organizations to get started
Image source: Flipkart

Currently, Flipkart Xtra allows delivery managers to register, although Flipkart plans to enable it in the next few months to attract service partners and technicians. The e-commerce company’s goal is to create more than 4,000 jobs through the program during this holiday season.

Flipkart will be able to add part-time delivery partners through the Flipkart Xtra market, thereby overcoming its last mile accessibility challenge in the country. The release time of the product is also very interesting, because the company is about to start the expected Flipkart Big Days 2021 promotion, which will start on October 7.

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Hemant Badri, senior vice president and head of supply chain at Flipkart, said in a prepared statement: “This is a new disruption in the gig economy field, which will help individuals find alternative sources of income while contributing to the country’s economic recovery.” —— Refers to the launch of Flipkart Xtra.

In addition to Flipkart Xtra, Flipkart also provides Kirana Delivery plans for local stores to deliver orders in their area. The company claims that during last year’s holiday, the program helped complete up to 10 million shipments.

Similar to Flipkart, Amazon has its Amazon Flex delivery plans in various cities in India to help the company attract individuals as its part-time delivery director. The U.S. company provides income between rupees. 120 and rupees. At 140 packages per hour, a two-wheeler is needed to transport packages in their area.

Flipkart told TechnologyShout that Flipkart Xtra does not a vehicle or bicycle in advance. The company did not disclose the exact income that individuals will earn after serving as a part-time delivery supervisor. However, it does confirm that it will be paid once a week based on the amount applicable to each delivery of the goods.

Plans including Flipkart Xtra and Amazon Flex are basically aimed at boosting e-commerce in the country. However, over time, they may make the environment for traditional delivery executives who complete online delivery more competitive and difficult, as part-timers will be able to provide similar services at lower labor costs.

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