While decided to resume basic services and groceries, Amazon said it was in talks with government authorities to enable it to provide essentials to its customers.

After local law enforcement has assured e-commerce giants that the supply chain and delivery staff are safe to pass, Wal-Mart's Flipkart will resume grocery and basic services.

Falkart Group CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy said: "Local law enforcement assures us that our supply chain and delivery directors will be able to travel safely and smoothly and will resume grocery and essentials services later today (Wednesday)." Krishnamurthy further stated, The company will continue to consolidate its supply chain in a safe and secure manner to employees and consumers. He also said that the e-commerce giant will use its strong delivery network to provide products to customers nationwide.

While Flipkart decided to resume basic services and groceries, Amazon said it was negotiating with government authorities to enable it to deliver essentials to its customers. Flipkart and its counterpart, Amazon India's Pantry service, were suspended on Wednesday to coincide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 21-day blockade call to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The note on the Amazon India Food Pantry page reads: "Dear customer, we cannot deliver due to local restrictions. We are working with government authorities to enable us to ship important items. We have updates." Amazon also asked its customers Provides the option to the order.

Amazon India also said on Tuesday that it has temporarily stopped accepting orders and stopped delivering non-essential items. Meanwhile, Amazon India has stopped accepting non-essential orders in order to prioritize shipping essentials.

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