Allegedly, smart watch have with the ECG and can obtain replacement products from the . The problem appears to be hardware-related, and according to the company, only affected a few users it said it had contacted. A user shared an email on the Fitbit forum. The email came from the company. The email stated that “the hardware problem of the may affect its normal operation.” Although the source of the problem was not explained in the email, Fitbit reportedly confirmed that it was related to the ECG function.

Fitbit Sense was in August and is the company’s first smartwatch with ECG function. Now, according to a report from The Verge, Fitbit shared that due to some hardware problems, ECG apps with less than 900 Sense models will show “undefined” results during the reading process. The company also shared that the future Sense smartwatch model or any other Fitbit device will not have, and this problem will not occur.

In a report statement to 9to5Google, Fitbit said: “We found a problem in a very limited portion of the initial Fitbit Sense shipments-there are hundreds of devices around the world-which may cause the ECG to default during reading. As an’unsure’ result. We were able to determine the affected devices after installation and immediately contact these users to provide them with new replacement devices for free.”

The company is said to be in contact with affected users, and one of the Fitbit Sense users shared the company’s email on the official forum. “We found that your device has a hardware problem, which may affect its normal operation. Please return the device to us. We will provide you with a prepaid return label. To ensure the best Fitbit experience, we will provide you with a free replacement Products. Please keep all original accessories, such as charging cables and wrist straps. The email read: “You will only receive replacement devices. “

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Fitbit Sense has recently updated Fitbit OS 5.1, updated support for Google Assistant and improved blood oxygen monitoring functions.

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