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Chronicles of Final Fantasy Crystal

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Revised Edition was originally scheduled arrive on January 23 until Square Enix decided to postpone the game until the summer of 2020. This decision was made because the development team can make some final adjustments to the game to ensure the best experience.

If you've been eager update, the good news is that the game has recently been rated by the Australian Classification Board. For mild fantasy themes, violence and online interaction, the game has been awarded a "PG" parental guidance rating. look down:

The level is expected indicate the official release date or at least more information about the game. If you have forgotten this content, you can use the remastered version of the original version of GameCube to play online with friends and transfer save files between all four versions [Switch, PS4, Android and IOS].

When the game finally appears on Switch, will you your collection? Tell us below.

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