1969 fiat moretti 500 lead image

1969 Fiat Moretti 500

Moretti Motor Company was founded in Turin, Italy, in the 1920s as a motorcycle manufacturer, but the company is today known for its beautiful Fiat-based coupe that began production in the late 1950s. This little Moretti 500 is based on the Fiat 500 chassis Equipped with a 0.5-liter two-cylinder air-cooled transmission system, it will be a fashionable, high-end alternative to Fiat’s popular city car. Think of Aston Martin Cygnet, and you will start to understand the idea. The seller claims to have built only about 50 of these models, and has some design inspiration with the Boano-style Fiat 850 Coupe that was produced at the same time. Although the top speed is about 65 mph, and there is glacial acceleration, this is a very special car, the price is not high, and may sell more in Europe.

1973 Porsche 911T Targa

So far, we all know the long exhaust hood, small bumper, and the Porsche 911 story 74 years ago. They used to be , but they were not at the time, but as prices fell 25% to 30% from their highs a few years ago, we finally started to see some buying again. This ’73 911 T Targa looks like one of them. Although it showed some slight signs of corrosion, some non-original signs of refurbishment, and an overall slightly scratched appearance, the 3.2-liter flat six-cylinder engine from Carrera from 1984-’88 was almost the power of the original 2.4-liter engine Twice, and for the more modern Bosch electronic fuel injection, it is no longer so picky. If you try to make a comprehensive repair, the buyer will soon be in trouble, so it is best to make this driver a driver and only worry about basic operations. Very easy to buy.

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia

Another , We saw a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta for $ 481,000 The conclusion is that the limited edition, naturally inhaled, 13,000 miles, supercar at the end of the era is very reasonable. This is a little secret: the price of the standard 458 is less than half the price, with 95% magic. Leave Speciale to those who have the ability to ignore the high value and choose the standard Ferrari 458, which is gradually depreciating. Original suggested retail price In this eight year old 458 The price is 314,542 US dollars, and after only 2,400 miles it was for 172,500 US dollars. It still looks like a brand new car. Do you think you will envy the more modern Ferrari when you travel? do not. The 458 has one of the best car audio tracks on this side of the IMSA GTLM race car. In addition, 560 horsepower at 9,000 rpm is sufficient for off-road and track entertainment. Oh, this is the depreciation saved by buyers of $ 59 per mile without even considering maintenance, insurance, gasoline or registration fees. The current market price is correct, but the 458 is still declining.

2000 Plymouth Prowler

Love it or hate it, the contemporary hot words of Chrysler and designer Tom Gale can hardly be ignored when they are seen on the street. Believe it or not, Prowler (Prowler) actually produced five years of production, starting in 1997 and discontinued in 2002. Although the V-6 engine and automatic transmission rejected the hot rod purists, they have nothing better than an eight-cylinder coal mill and a manual. Anyone who has ever a wanderer will tell you that they may not want more than 1999 253 horsepower produced by the Prowler and beyond. In any case, the lighter V-6 may be more suitable for processing, and the car’s weight distribution is indeed close to 50-50. Nearly 12,000 Prowlers were sold under the Plymouth and later Chrysler names. The values ​​of the Prowler have been held for many years, which is the result of its considerable polarization. For the price paid, This 9,000-mile wanderer seems reasonable-Just don’t expect profits in the future.

2005 Lotus Elise

We have been observing the price of Lotus Elise, because the earliest car sold in the United States is about $ 30,000, the price is reasonable, and it is suitable for clean examples. This Elise looks great With less than $ 26,000 in hair, its 40,000-mile distance and lightly used appearance. It turns out that the difference in mileage may be the result of a clerical error in the CarFax report, which means that Elise must be sold with a disclaimer of “the real mileage is unknown.” However, this car seems to be an honest example, and the mileage seems to be consistent with the overall wear of this car. We think buyers are bargaining here, but if the mileage issue cannot be resolved during registration, then the next buyer may also conclude a deal.

In 1956, the -Benz 300SL “Gullwing”

no doubt This is one of the better 300 SL “Gullwing” currently available in the US, Appearance and mechanical repair are completed by well-known 300 SL experts, ideal graphite gray color and dealer’s excellent display. Despite a replicable suitcase and a non-original Rudge imitation wheel (even if not ordered by the factory, it is still a desirable supplement), the bid still reached $ 1,400,000. A few years ago, this could have bought you an excellent 300 SL driver, but while repairing this car, the price was a bit low. Today, the example of driver qualities has fallen below the million dollar mark, so the high price here should be sufficient to complete the transaction. The shipper said the price was close, but there was no cigar. Probably this will be sold outside of BaT soon.

1975 Victory Spitfire 1500

Of course, there is no need to spend nearly a million dollars to drive a cool sports car like a million dollars. This is a perfect example: This is a difficult but popular victory It started in the second half of production, and it has a larger, more torque 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine, a four-speed manual gearbox, an old-style front engine, and a rear-drive British sports car power system. The seller noticed that there was some rust everywhere, some uneven paint, and some small areas that need attention, but he also provided many years of mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment receipts, which may exceed the sales price of the car. With more work and fresh paint, the price of this car may be twice the price of this week, and buyers will have a lot of fun in the process. Very good to buy, just in time for summer.

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