SF90 Stradale @Ferrari SpA 2

You may already know the movie C’étaitun -Vous (“that’s a date”), which has been circulated permanently on the Internet, and has been circulating on video tapes for many years. The dialogue is zero, the car is never displayed, and the graph does not exist. But this is a legend. In the early morning of 1976, Claude Lelouch shot high-speed on the open but overcrowded streets of Paris in order to reach Monmartre, and his girlfriend embarked Stairs hug.

Allegedly, he drove his own Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9, but the soundtrack used was obviously another car, actually a Ferrari 275GTB. Like a dance, A film about Ari Vatanen blowing up Pikes Peak on a Peugeot car, or The charm of NürburgringLelouch’s eight-minute film is RUF’s iconic film about the Yellow and an important part of the development of the film.

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Ferrari only accidentally participated in the filming of this original film due to the soundtrack of Lelouch’s 275GTB voice. He hired Lelouch for a sequel on May 24, 2020. This is the date of the Monaco Grand Prix, but of course it will not be because of the pandemic. Charles Leclerc, a Monaco native and Ferrari F1 driver, replaced Mercedes, SF90 Stradale, hybrid, V-8 powered supercar With 986 total system power. Leclerc will explode on the streets of Monaco, and Ferrari promises to evoke the history of the famous Grand Prix and the original atmosphere (especially hearing) of the original Rendez-Vous.

This new Rendez-Vous movie is not the first revision of a Paris blockbuster. A few years ago, Ford created ReRendezvous, a virtual reality car equipped with Mustang GT. This is a sensible but not so exciting version that does not violate any laws or speed restrictions. You will see that Ford has all the permits, and so on. At the same time, we will be waiting for a new version of Ferrari.

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