The chaos of political ads on Facebook undermined what was supposed to be the beginning of the cooling off period before the US presidential election.

In the week ending November 3, the misunderstanding of the ban on posting new paid ads on Facebook is that competitors complain that leading social networks are disrupting the campaign.

Facebook product manager Rob Leathern said in a tweet when the ban took on Tuesday: “We are investigating the issue of some ads being suspended by mistake, and some advertisers having problems making changes to their campaigns. .”

“We are quickly solving these problems.”

California-based Facebook tightened its political advertising regulations before the 2020 election. In particular, it prohibits attempts to disrupt the electoral process.

Social media networks also banned new political advertisements in the week before the November 3 election. The ban came into effect on October 27.

Political ads circumvent the ban by taking a place on Facebook before the deadline, and it is up to the people behind to decide when to activate them.

President Donald Trump’s campaign is shown in Facebook’s paid job pool, which includes ads that appear to be a victory.

The animated ad shows a cartoon sunrise, Trump’s head smiling on top of a flying bird, and a soundtrack, after claiming that Trump is still president, crying “No” in pain.

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Megan Clasen, a senior media adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, tweeted a screenshot of a Trump ad a picture of the president, and left a message saying “Election day is Nowadays”.

Clarkson said in a tweet that the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden was told by Facebook that they could not advertise that election day was “today” or even “tomorrow.”

In order to be used in the days to come, the ads in the Facebook library must run at least once, even if it is only for a very limited audience.

Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, said: “When Facebook’s latest advertising policies were announced, we warned that they had loopholes that could lead to election misinformation.”

“Now we are seeing those warnings become reality.”

Democratic political strategist Eric Reif said on Twitter that he and others are working to restore ads that were mistakenly deleted by Facebook to the social network.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, and decisions on political content are a hot topic.

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