launched its own TikTok Opponent call lasso It went public at the end of 2018 and was vigorously promoted in the following months, but eventually failed to catch up. As expected, the company plans to deactivate the app later this month to make it the same as the app released to it Pinterest-miss you, Hobby.

Lasso users have received reminders through in-app notifications, and the lasso app will be available on 10 (ie The Hobbi app also goes to the cemetery of the failed app. Fortunately, Lasso users will be able to save their videos before the short video sharing platform disappears.

Lasso is only available in a few markets, and has never gained the same popularity and viral reputation as the target . The company seems to plan to focus on Instagram’s Reels feature, which is reportedly on the verge of a wider release and provides a similar premise that can create Stories well.

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